Customizable Owner’s Representation Services

The Brahma Group’s goal is to ensure you find full satisfaction in your investments, giving you peace of mind with your acquisition. In fact, our team’s ability to achieve your goals while adding value to your portfolio is what sets us apart.

Over the last 20 years, the use of third-party owner’s representatives has been on the rise within the construction and development industries. As your Representative, we act as your eyes and ears throughout the entire process, striving to execute your goals and mission. While offering a fresh look at particular situations, we’re able to provide guidance through the lifecycle of any project, keeping your best interests at the forefront of our minds, while holding ourselves to the highest standards for optimal results.

Whether you’re looking to develop a project out of state, are acting on behalf of a municipality, have multiple projects breaking ground or simply want another set of eyes on your development, we offer customizable solutions to best serve our clients.

With a deep understanding of what questions should be asked, what information needs to be gathered and how to problem-solve on large scale projects, we’re confident in our ability to keep your projects on time and on budget. From Contract and Bid Review to OAC Meetings to Final Inspections and CO Documents, you can count on TBG to efficiently and effectively oversee your projects, while always keeping you informed.

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